Mr.Athul Ramesh,

BSc. Physics, MBA (HR & Marketing), MBA (Finance & Systems), MA Sociology,

Master in Public Administration (MPA), MSW (Pursuing).

Managing Director, Photon Civil Service Academy.

He has been relentlessly trying to achieve his dream of Civil Service, Which he had missed despite of all his struggles, through his vast range of Students. He mainly deals with Geography, Quick Math’s and as our chief curriculum advisor he ensures the quality of our classes without any dilution., He is the only person who created our renowned program “Be the NCERT Master” which already embarked a position in a student’s journey of Civil Service Dreams.

Prof. Oommen Varghese

M.A, M.Ed, TESO-UK (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)

English Language Department, Photon Civil Service Academy.

He has been in teaching English language for past 33 Years in different parts of the world like Nigeria, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE etc. He had held prestigious positions like.

  1. Professor at Saifia College, Bhopal for 6 Years
  2. Education Officer, MOE, Nigeria for 7 Years
  3. English Language Tutor (For Ruling Family,UAE) for 18 years
  4. HOD English Department College of Science and Technology, Ayur for 2 years

Currently engaged as

  1. Senior Lecturer in Communicative English

-Kerala State Civil Service Academy

  1. English Language Trainer

-“Path Finder” Directorate of Higher Secondary Education

  1. English Language Trainer
    • Trinity College London
  2. Certified Trainer
    • IELTS, OET, Essay Writing And Speaking Skills

Philip K Koypallil

Post-Graduation in History from University College Trivandrum

Academic Head, Photon Civil Service Academy.

As a follower of Gandhi Principles he started to pursue his dreams as social worker for Gandhi Peace Foundation in Bastar District, Madhya Pradesh (Now in Chhattisgarh). After that he had started his career for Civil Service Training from Trivandrum IMG (Institute of Management for Government), and also as Civil Service Trainer in Bangalore Christ College in the academic year 2001 to 2003. Since 2005 to 2020 he had been the head of the department of history in Kerala State Civil Service Academy, Trivandrum. His name is renowned in the field of Civil Service Training in Kerala, as the results speak majority of students who passed Civil service after 2000 will have his name in their life as a Teacher or as their Mentor. As the chief academic head he designs the curriculum for training sessions conducted in Photon Civil Service Academy.

Currently engaged as

  1. Academic Head -PHOTON Civil Service Academy
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