Be the NCERT Master

A live interactive quiz “based on NCERT” for all competitive exams including UPSC, SSC, IB, CBI, RRB, PSC, IBPS, NDA etc. This is a time based quiz competition to sharpen your knowledge in NCERT.

What if we simply prepared for one of the most difficult exams in India?

It is everyone’s dream to become a Civil Service officer but what drives many people away from it is the long syllabus. But with regular graining, we can easily cross this threshold. NCERT Books & Newspaper are the two most important text books for the Civil Sercie Exam preparations. BE THE NCERT MASTER is a spcial program presented by the Photon Civl Service Academy after a clear understanding of the extent, depth and breadth of these two things in the Civil Service Examinations. This program is very useful for those who are preparing for various other competitive exams besides Civil Service Exam. The program runs live everyday from Monday to Friday from 9pm to 10pm and its live streaming can also be found on the Photon Civil Sercie Academy’s YouTube channel. This program is useful for both newcomers and learners of the Civil Service Exam.

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