Building up the basics with NCERT

NCERT is extremely crucial for your UPSC preparation. Building up the basics with NCERT will help you fetch high scores and give you an edge in the exam.

No one can build a strong building with a weak foundation. NCERT is the very base for civil service examination. PhotonCSA thus launched a program to fortify the basics of every UPSC aspirants through guided actions. NCERTs are uncomplicated base material that had full-scale topics covered. This program helps aspirants to provide guidance and a strong conceptual clarity. The comprehensive analysis of NCERT textbooks from class VI to XII are provided on our YouTube channel, live classes on every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 3 pm. Different subjects and topics will be covered with detailed explanation.

The building is only as tall as the foundation is strong enough to build on. Join our live YouTube classes because you are only as solid as what you build on.

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